It was weird. It was intriguing. It was intense. It was a ‘really?’ and, 10 Cloverfield Lane is nothing like other movies you can easily guess.

In the beginning, you – as well as me, might think you can predict the ending. As it goes, you will start thinking like, ‘hmm..really’, ‘is he really….’, ‘do these things really…’.

The plot, it is full of twist. Sometimes it brings you to the calmness state where everything is fine (while the questions go on in our mind). And, that moment we think everything is just okay and everything said to be is really there to be. The other time when the rage starts and things are messed up, we consider something’s wrong and the told stories are untrue and they are playing with our heads instead.

You know that time when some movie tries to get us and instead, we think of it otherwise. That, we’ll feel it a lot while watching this 10 Cloverfield Lane.

The Actors

There are only three main characters appear in 10 Cloverfield Lane. Yep, only three! However, how the story is composed makes this movie is nothing but worth-to-watch. Plus, the setting takes only a bunker. The whole movie, you’ll only see the bedrooms, living room, stock room full of food, and kitchen.

The actors. Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays Michelle, a girl who is brave, smart, and seems to have never been stuck in finding ideas. She’s right to be there, guides us through the movie and all its twisting plot. While Howard – played by John Goodman, makes us hard to figure out where it leads. Howard seems – to me, mentally ill. Sometimes he plays good, a loving father, a lost man, and so many time he appears to be the bad guy.

Last but not least, Emmett – John Gallagher Jr., is an innocent faced guy with no fear of what’s happening.


It starts with the end of Michelle’s relationship. She leaves her boyfriend. When on the way, she gets car accident. She wakes up in an unknown place, injured and clueless. Later, a man – Howard, claims to be her savior, also telling her the world is attacked by some extraterrestrial force. Days go, she finds out there is another one in the shelter. It’s Emmett, telling her the same story Howard told her earlier.


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