The Story
I wonder how we’ll end our story
It teaches us, either lonely or glory
It entertains us, either melancholy or funny
The story about us,
Or love in our lives
And the feeling between us
Worries me, will it last happily??
Whereas, delight and sorrow, come and gone
Unlike our feeling which goes on
See the changes of the seasons, still, in constant
Stars and the moon, in appearance, adorn the night
Darkness in gloomy way, needs to add some brightest light
And we build the beauty, in our own story
Representing to the world, then envy
We are happy, not daffy
We make up life as it has to be
Yeah, anguish piles on agony
But, still we live our felicity
Not daydreaming, fancy illusion
Neither frantic wishes, nor freaking estimation
Our love, a wonder cure in severe medication
Such guidance for leading to one destination
But then burrier drowning us, frustration
Holding tight, we are hand in hand
Glancing the pain, not giving a damn
We stride proudly, gently putting it aside
Sweeping us away in victory

Your Thoughts?

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