What comes crossing your mind when hearing those music and song? Tthey are a part of art. Here I want to tell you about my experience with songs. You may wonder what experience had I undergone with songs and music. Well, songs refer to sentences which are composed rhymingly and somehow they are made to express the feelings of the writer. Then, they include music in delivering the message of those rhyming sentences. That is songs. Music? Music means, well, literally as Cambridge Advanced Learners’ Dict says “a pattern of sounds made by musical instruments, singing or computers, or a combination of these, intended to give pleasure to people listening to it.” Okay, stop!

Have you ever heard or listened to music? I believe every one of us have ever had a moment of music-listening time. So, what can you say about music? If then your definition of music is just similar with what Cambridge has defined. That’s it. You perhaps can enjoy the music. Moreover, if music is added by those lyrically meaningful sentences, you could’ve been more in love with it, I mean, with songs.

Now, what are your favorite songs? Next, play them, enjoy the lyrics. Tell me, well yourself, what do you feel? Do you feel the message or the meaning of each words sung by the singer hit your heart deeply. Now, I want to ask you, please answer it honestly. Do you enjoy the songs, the music because of the lyrics that are very touching? Or the lyrics telling some similar experiences just like what you have ever been through?

I want to tell you my own been-through music. It was really captivating that I had no words to say. Music, to me, it is nothing but beauty. You know, I cannot even tell you what it is. It is like something you can only feel it, literally feel it, not only enjoy it by your ears but heart. My recent years, I spent them listening to any random songs coming from whatever countries and I even do not know what the language the singers singing. Why did I do that?

Yes, music and song are part of art, for sure. Due to that statement, the word “beauty” came up from my brain as it responded to “music & song”. That is the first thing. The next, let me tell you, to me, the definition of music is beyond what you can say about it. Just like when one asked you, “what is the meaning of love?” Can you answer that question? That is just a simple question though. But we somehow do not even find a single word to describe what kind of feeling love is. Yes, it is a feeling toward someone. But, can you tell me what is exactly that feeling is? Even Khalil Gibran never had an exact word to say it.
Music is like love. Those two come from what is so called heart whatsoever. Music is composed by the “dancing soul” as what triggers one to create music, well, it is not creating music, it is merely making.

I have tried to listen to many songs with many different languages. Guess what I have found? They’re all simply beauty. I don’t why but when I happened to listen to a certain song, I just listened to it. To my surprise, lyrics did not even touch my gut. I know lyrics make music way more beautiful. But, when I enjoyed the music, not the songs (red: Lyrics), it was breathtaking. I feel music has taken my soul or even my soul has taken the music and put it in inside me. One sentence to describe, “My whole soul’s dancing inside music.” And surprisingly, I feel my Creator, God. I had no idea about what I felt, but it was nothing but 
only God who came across my mind when I deeply enjoyed music. And, that was beautiful. I found Him in music, art. I felt Him. That was such an experience! Since then, lyrics were not all the matters. I listened to any songs and I am still able to feel Him.

I have listened to Zobra by Alex Fox and Antonio Carlos Jobim’s. It was terrific and soulful. I also happened to listened to Ingsun by Sudjiwo Tejo. It was literally extremely wonderful composition of music. Those two are just an example of what I listen to without paying attention to what the lyrics are. My suggestion, if you want to ‘enjoy’ the music totally, then don’t enjoy it, feel it. You can go deeply into it. And if you’re lucky, you’ll find Him.

Your Thoughts?

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