If you are looking for a light reading, you may want to read this book by Sophie Kinsella, Finding Audrey. This book is really heart-indulging, entertaining, funny but not cliche. Trust me. I love this book. It gives us – to my opinion – a real definition of anxiety and those who suffer from it. By reading this book, you’ll understand how they feel, how they will react and most of all how to deal with them. I mean how to understand them and how we can calm them down.

Well,  this book is divided into three main plots. Audrey and her anxiety, Frank and his computer addiction, and Audrey and Linus. Therefore, to me this book is not mainly telling about Audrey who tries to find herself back as she suffers from ‘that disease’ caused by the event (we are not told what that event is). She lost herself. She can barely look into people’s eyes. She cannot go outside. She can have contact with other people. She always wants to run away from people. And, she has to wear dark glasses even inside the house.

Frank, her brother plays important role to her, to this Finding Audrey’s story. And, his game addiction can be something we can take as a lesson. Not all computer games are bad. But keep in mind, play them wisely.

About Audrey and Linus. This part is affected by Frank. As Frank plays LOC, Linus comes over to his house where Audrey is hiding behind curtain, seeing him in distance. Well, she freaked out when Linus greeted her the first time. However, as time gets by, Linus finds away how to get in touch with her. He’s sweet. But, my question, why isn’t Linus worried about Audrey when she is missing? He seems calm and doesn’t really care where she is. Or at least, he can give a hand to her family and help searching for her. Instead, he just goes away.

In addition, readers will also be entertained by the parents. What they do or say is sometimes ridiculous and funny. They try too hard to be a parent while the thing their children need is actually right in front of them. And Daily Mail, oh, everything it says, Audrey’s mother believes it. This just is what parents are these days.

I also very much love how Ms Kinsella wrote this book. This is my first time to read her work, and I would love to read another. Simple yet able to trigger us to finish the reading.


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