When things you dreamed of came to live. It was when finally The Commander of The Night’s Watch got to meet The Mother of Dragon. I’ve been dreaming this since the early seasons, thinking what would happen if they met earlier. But, this time is definitely the right time. It is not as dramatic as I thought. They got ‘the moment’ though. To me, that part is the highlight of Episode 3 of Season 7.

It was so emotional for me to watch this episode. Also, when Brandon Stark is finally home. Sansa faces unbelieving reality that he is still alive, hugged him and cried and it was very touching. Although I do not really like Sansa, but she is the home Bran has now. Well, Bran should’ve come earlier and met his (not so) brother, Jon. Oh why they have to be so distant as always? And where is Arya?

Sansa, I assume she will play a big part in this season. Just have to wait which side she is in. Her own side?

Poor Arya, I think she should have moved forward coming to King’s Landing instead of turning around and reaching for Winterfell. She has fought this far, her own battle, survived for her own life. I do not want bad things happen to her. She has struggled enough. Don’t you dare, Mr. Director!

And Cersei Lannister, I must admit she is so clever with this thing going on right now. She knows how to behave, she knows the move she has to choose, she knows well the battle she is in. Apparently, this becomes the fear Our Little Khaleesi is facing right now. She is losing and she has not decided well enough to defend her will, her dream, her people. What will she do next?
Now that Ser Jorah Mormont is healed (thanks God, and Sam Tarly, I would cry myself out if ever he is dead), searching for his Queen. He will bring help, I reckon. Not that it will help her most.

Your Thoughts?

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