Game of Thrones – I am writing this, still thinking what the hell will Jon Snow and other Houses do to defeat the White Walkers and the Night King and the Ice Dragon Viserion! How frustrating.

I know, there are so many more ‘keys’ have not been revealed. Such as the purpose of Arya and her ability of so called Faceless Man, Samuel Tarly of how he has learned things in Citadel, Bran’s vision as Three Eyed Raven, and Jaime Lannister, what will he do, and so on. I think they mean more than just what they are. There are bigger purpose of who they are now to the world. And that is beyond my imagination. I am frustrated to make it up.

The Finale is – I think – mostly about the romance between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen. My first thought, ‘too raw’. It is like they, you know, just ‘do it’. I think they two need more drama before going straightly to bed. Oh gosh! This part is supposed to be my favorite but turns out to be my ‘yikes’ instead. This, that Dany and Jon are together and that they both – we now all know! – are Targaryens will take as a big turning point for the whole story as if later they find out the truth. However, just like Cersei and Jaime, the two also might be just fine about the same blood they have. You know, pure breed matters the most somehow in this series. Shocking scene indeed.

Let’s leave the South and go to the North. Oh North, so now we know what’s the purpose of the dagger Bran gave to Arya. As he said to her that she would need it more that him, and obviously she needed it to slit poor Littlefinger’s throat to dead. Poor Littlefinger, poor him. How tragic his life is, his wickedness, tricks and obsession ended up on the little girls’ hand.  I pity him. I used to thought he would play important role to how the story ends. That he would be a good man and helped Sansa ruling the North or whatever. But that doesn’t matter now because he has gone for good and the pack survive so far.

“When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wilf dies but the pack survives.”

While Dany is having her cousin (CMIIW) on her bed, her son Viserion which now is the Ice Dragon is flying to Winterfell and has burned down the Wall. Poor the Night’s Watch. There were only just a few of them and they faced those millions of millions Night Walkers, the King and the Ice Dragon without any help and without any chance to ask for help.

That is how Season 7 ended, and I am frustrated and more frustrated that we all will not see them until 2019 and only for 6 episodes! Another cruelty that this Game offers.

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