I heard The Night King has a dragon. Upsy! Well, before you read any further, you may consider this that this article may contain spoiler(s).

The episode 4 of season 7 is really something. This part shows us what we really haven’t expected before. But yeah, great show is definitely about things we don’t see them coming.

I want to start with this ‘small’ part but does matter. This scene made me emotional and said, “well, finally”. Theon Greyjoy met Jon Snow! To be honest, I never really thought about it, to me it just wasn’t that matter. Although we all know that Greyjoy has paid his debt to Stark by rescuing the eldest daughter, yet the hurt is still there.

Another should’ve-been-emotional scene is when Arya was finally home. She’s been through a long long journey, bitter and sweet and bitter and bitter all the way home. I wish she would’ve met Jon instead of the now Lady Stark. This would be more touching then. In addition, she also now knew Bran is home. Different and can see things, maybe also knew what she is capable of too. That is why he gave her the dagger used to murder him long ago. It is Valyrian just like Needle. Thus, it may give us a hint of something. This two Valyrian tools will make a great deal later in the war with the army of the dead. And oh, I am super proud of Arya. She even shows Sansa (and Littlefinger and Brienne of Tarth and Podrick Payne) that she is way better than her. Well you know, she knows how to fight. We can say she knows well how to defeat her enemies. Her ‘dance’ was so beautiful. If ever Ned Stark could see the now Arya.

In the southern part of the Seven Kingdoms, there he is Jon Snow found the dragonglass and all the painting that told stories how the First Men fought the white walkers. It should’ve given The Mother of Dragon that the war with the Dead is real. But, I don’t think she gets it yet. She seems are into the war with the Lannisters. I mean Cersei. She decided to go and fought. With Drogon, she burnt down Lannister’s army. Easy it was. Unfortunately, I am afraid this largest dragon will make it alive.

That’s why I said it in the very first sentence Dragon or maybe another dragon (but mostly Drogon) will be part of the dead. Sad, isn’t it? They will be inevitably invincible. Well, don’t worry. We still have Bran, Arya, Nymeria, the Red Lady, and …….

At least we still have hope. The good news is, you won’t see Cersei in this episode. So, enjoy!

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