First of all, I have confession to make. I watched a Youtube video containing spoiler or more for Episode 6! I seriously felt guilty right after watching it. Anyway, want to hear? Later, baby. I will relate them to this review of the episode 5.

It’s getting more tensed as only two episodes left. Everyone can’t wait. I know, me too. The recent episode was opened by the scene of Jaime Lannister being pulled out of water. As you know in the episode 4, he was helped by Bronn escaping the battle field. Oh if ever he was a second late, Jaime could’ve been burnt alive.

On the other side, The Mother of Dragon was proving her power. She gave choice to the Lannister army whether they would join her or rather die. There came out the two Tarly, father and brother, traded their lives for honor. She won. After that, she got back to Dragonstone and met Jon Snow. Guess what? Ser Jorah Mormont too, he came back to her! Oh God, how happy I was seeing him hugging his Khaleesi. The living proof of her life, how she became she is now, the journey, the struggle, the golden heart she has. He knows her better than anyone else. I really hope he make it until the last episode, stays by her side.

Sansa and Arya. Littlefinger played game to make those two against each other. I still like Arya better than Sansa. But, I think this thing, making them fight each other is not the right thing. Sansa was right this time, so was Arya. Littlefinger was the one to blame.

And, the ice dragon, I know who this’ll be.


5 thoughts on “Game of Thrones: The Stark Sisters to Turn Against Each Other”

  1. Epi 5 emang keren, apalagi dengan berkumpulkan dream team 😀
    Yang jadi pertanyaan, apakah permasalahan dan kecurigaan arya dan sansa bakal terus berlangsung dan meruncing? Apakah strategi littlefinger sebenarnya?

  2. Nggak nyangka bakal ada ice dragon. Walaupun arya dan sansa adu argumen, menurut saya hanya tinggal menunggu waktu littlefinger akan tewas di tangan arya, karena arya tidak mungkin menghianati keluarganya, sekalipun selalu selisih paham dengan sansa.

    1. littlefinger tewas di tangan arya? i like that! ga pernah kepikiran sebelumnya, walaupun sempet mikir pasti littlefinger bakalan nemu ajal di season ini, tp ga kepikiran caranya. dan, ice dragon? ga sabar pengen lihat pas terbangnya dan pengen lihat ekspresi Dany dan Drogon pas ketemu ice dragon.

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