Have you ever felt like your teacher is not even smarter than you? Have you ever thought that your life, your surrounding is boring as hell because it only offers you those idiotic-minded? Ups! Sometimes I feel that way. Not that I count myself as a genius. But, I do really think that not so many people can’t understand me well enough so that I am the one who ALWAYS understands them. I always make it, you know. And, this makes so boring. Too many ordinary questions. Too many not-smarter-than-me people. Too many people beat around the bush!

I watched Gifted several days ago. It still lingers in my mind though. This movie is beautiful. It captured the struggles the genius often has. It shows us the other side of being super smart-ass. You know, it is not easy to deal with. Not many people like to be outsmarted. Not all people can deal with it. In fact, many will be irritated by it. And, that’s what happens to Mary Alder, a 7 year old genius. Can you imagine that? Being a 7 yeard old girl and thinking the world gets so boring each day because she already knows things. She thinks like an adult. More than adult, because not all adults are smart. Her thought, opinions or words are not understandble by children at her age.

That is also the struggle of being ridiculously intelligent. People think she is not normal. Indeed, she isn’t. It takes not-normal treatments to deal with her. Luckily, she also has an uncle who is also a genius, Frank. He is the one who understand her most. He wants her to get her childhood life, able to play, able to socialize with children her age, able to be a child. Therefore, her world is not isolated. Thus, she never feels alone as she is not like other children.

This movie depicts well what is should be done for genius children. It is also a warning for parents for not treating your little geniuses different from other children. I mean the social life, the playing thing and all the children stuff. Give them what they need as children. Let them play, let them have friends, let them have life! They already know it by themselves that they are different, that they are gifted something bigger that other children.

Just so you know, you’ll be seeing Chris Evans not in the suite, the Captain America suite, in this movie. And, also there is also the talented Mckenna Grace and Jenny Slate.



Gifted Official Trailer (2017)


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