Have you ever experienced “love at the first sight?” I bet some of you maybe have, and some other maybe say “No way. I haven’t, and I won’t,” the rest maybe say “I don’t know. I don’t know when love exactly comes.”

Well, there’s no right or wrong when we are talking about love. But, let me tell you. If you ask me “have you ever experienced love at the first sight?” my answer will be “I have…a lot, for sure.”
I have experienced it a lot of time and it keeps happening.  And the next possible question will be, “with whom?”
With those gorgeous creatures a.k.a handsome guys, “No!”
“but with songs, with music!”

How come?

If you ever loved somebody, you would know why.
This time I will tell you about Kiss the Rain, a song by Yiruma. I often say that music is music even if it has no lyrics, it will become music, no matter what. Try to listen to music or songs without deliberating its lyrics, if you do you’ll find out its real lustre beyond its so called lyrics. Lyrics are just an additional pseudo component in music. What is actually the real is what you can feel what’s in it, not by hearing it with your ears. It’s fake. Listen and feel it with your heart, and you can go beyond what your ears can hear, you will be able to find the soul, the core of it and definitely you’ll find out yourself in peace and harmonious backdrop.
Kiss the Rain by Yiruma is a classical music which was beautifully composed in 2003 for the Album “the Yellow Room.” It is one of Yiruma’s best pieces. Kiss the Rain is a kind of modern classical music or many call it as contemporary classical, why it is modern? Yiruma who was born in 1978, is someone who is of course years more modern than years of Mozart or Beethoven or even Frederic Chopin’s. Yiruma, with his style, brings his peculiarly pattern and movement in every single piece he arranges. he He has phased a New Age of the classical music era. He brings modernism in classical music along with his structure and pattern of every single piece he creates. His pieces are undeniably hearable even for those who are not classical music devotee.
Back to the “Kiss the Rain.”
Kiss the Rain has melodious lilting notes. Every single tone perfectly shapes it up. No lyrics or voice sounding in it, but it rhymes elegantly swelling the flow of every key’s tone played dramatically by the virtuoso Yiruma. I hardly verbalize what I’m feeling when listening to it, seriously. It melodiously hits my ears, and brain and eventually you feel it, you literally feel it. It’s so relaxing, yet it’s not a lullaby which you can listen and after a while you sleep. It is not, absolutely not. You can hardly let this go off your ears. You will just enjoy it and feel it. It will amazingly make you in a sort of peace. 

A brief about Yiruma

Yiruma is the stage name of Lee Ru-ma (born February 15, 1978), an internationally-known pianist and composer from South Korea. Yiruma frequently performs at sold-out concerts in Asia, Europe and North America. His alma mater, King’s College London, England helped him gain European popularity and recognition. Among his most popular pieces are “River Flows in You”, “Kiss the Rain” and “May Be”. Yiruma’s most popular album, First Love, was released in 2001.
Yiruma has released nine albums, so far. Here are the following titles of his albums:

Your Thoughts?

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