I did watch Okja last week. To my opinion, it is that kind of movie that you expected to be a WOW but turned out to be OKAY instead. My question is, why they have to include that Korean sort of taste to be in Okja. Why oh why? Therefore, just like any other Korean movies, Okja is just at average level. Sorry K-Pop die-hard. Anyway, thanks to Lily Collins, she made me at least had the will to watch it entirely.

This Netflix movie tells about a program designed by a company named Mirando. It is to breed super quality animals both enormous in size and tasty for its meat.

Then, there it is Okja. Born – said to be decended from a super pig in Chile- born and shipped to North Korea to “live” with the local breeder.  And, there she is Mija, a 13 years old girl who lives in the hills with her grandfather, assigned to raise Okja. 10 years pass, Okja grows to be a literally super animal, gigantic size and smart wit. Definitely the pig Mirando has been hoping for.

The company sends Dr. Johnny Wilcox to see Okja in person. Arriving on the hill, he is captivated both literally by climbing the hills and also by the super pig Okja. He soon knows that Okja is what they look for. Thus, he brings Okja to meet Lucy Mirando, the new CEO. While Mija refuses the act, Okja is taken anyway. For the love for her, Mija decides to take Okja back, travels to city to find Okja. She then met this hilarious animal protecter called ALF. This stands for the Animal Liberation Front. They together try to rescue Okja.

And, that’s it. I bet you can just guess the rest of the story. I wish this movie was more adventurous instead of drama, and more sci-fi!


Your Thoughts?

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