What is your favorite TV Series?

Mine is The Big Bang Theory. I know many people would say it’s HBO’s Game of Thrones. But no, for me TBBT is the number 1 TV series. You know, quick-witted characters who sometimes turn to be hilariously fool. Clever jokes, dialogues and everything about it is just so mind-refreshing. However, in its initial seasons, I wasn’t really into it as it exposed Penny and other women in boobs-revealing clothes, woman-centered dirty talking and stuff. I didn’t like that.

But then, as time went by, they really made a really great series. They focused on the jokes, the clever ones. They focused on the story of those geniuses and the lives they lived in and how they dealt with them. It was hilarious, entertaining and at the same time it gave me something new, knowledge, science, history and such. It definitely made me smarter. I am serious. This TV series brought science into our home, our mind, in an interesting way that we even didn’t realize we were achieving such knowledge. Sometimes, I knew that the jokes could only be understood by smart ones (and FYI, I am smart so…. Lol). But really, I wish there are more series like this that can enlight people. You know, I hope that there will be more TV shows/series which are not only for entertainment purposes that sometimes makes us stupider (now I am stupid, ok more stupid), but also to advance our brain to know more about things, to broaden our mind so that we are, say, smarter!

Okay, now that TBBT is on the break, I really miss it. And thanks God, they haven’t ended it yet so that my mind can get some nutrition still. They start filming this September. I hope they come up with something even more refreshing, mind-intriguing, and those smart jokes – I want them more!

So, in the finale episode we saw Sheldon Cooper proposed Amy Farrah Fowler, finally (really, I didn’t see it coming)! Will Amy say YES? Well, I assume that the two will tie the knot eventually. However, I also think that maybe it will not be as easy as that – that Amy and Sheldon just get married, as we know that Amy is still pursuing her obsession to become a better neuro-scientist. As we know that she is still having the time of her life, being a visiting reasearcher in Princeton University. That, I conclude the marriage will wait. Maybe for a few episodes or maybe it will wait until the finale of season 11, looking back to the journey of Leonard and Penny.

About Leonard and Penny, I wish they will have a baby or two. It will be so interesting that they both have something bond them even tighter (I know there’s always the possibility that the two will not get the happily-ever-after ending). They deserve it!

Well, now that Raj moved out, Penny and Leonard have the whole time and apartment on their own. Make babies!

Raj moving out was a big step for him. I believe he finally will learn how to be a grown-up. He will finally be mature. He will finally get a girl!

Hmmmm. I am now thinking how this new season will be for Howard and Bernadette and Hayley. Right, Hayley! I wish she will show up, not as a baby, but as a little girl. Running around annoys Sheldon or perhaps she will be a genius as well that it will annoy him even more.

Gosh! I love all of them. This show brought happiness to my home, to me especially. They didn’t make one character special among the others. They made them all special, all with the uniqueness and wit and yeah, each character is interesting. Can’t wait to see them again!

One last thing, does anyone know Penny’s last name?

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