It’s happening. Finally, winter has come. Winter is here. A few questions have been answered, yet mostly aren’t. The wait continues still. But, at least we now know Brandon Stark is safe (for a while), reached the black castle, entered the wall and met the friends of his brother, Jon Snow.

Arya too, she is on her way to fulfill her vengeances. She has killed the Freys, the ones who have killed her brother, Rob, and her mother in the wedding night of her uncle. It was a brutally treacherous event that none will never forget, and will never be forgiven by Arya herself. The red wedding then it is called. Well, she did it in an elegant and classy way that none of the Freys saw it coming. Now she is heading to Kings Landing, goes to get Cersei. The murderer of her beloved father, Ned, that she saw it with her very own eyes when the now-queen-of-the-Seven-Kingdoms ordered her butcher to behead him. Will she do it? It will not be easy of course, but impossible things are possible for her right now. So, I trust her. She will find a way. She always does.

Jon Snow, the now king in the North, is questioned by his own sister. He can’t believe she does that, questioning his decision in front of his people. Well, that’s rude by the way. I always find it annoying to see Sansa’s decision on things, to hear her words on almost everything. However, she knows things. Apparently (I hate to say this just so you know) she is now more mature and smart and (a bit) wise that her previous decision has saved Jon and his army. But again, her words still cannot be taken for granted. Moreover, Little finger on her side right now. My theory, she uses him and not that the other way around.

Jon Snow is a great leader and a great leader still needs a great advisor. Will Sansa be the one, stands by his side, supports his decision and gives a trust-worthy advice when needed? Right now is the time Jon needs support the most. Besides, Sansa is the only family he is with now. (I can’t wait to see him meeting Arya!)

Lannister doesn’t have a single ally. But Cersei is smarter than that. She was proposed by Euron Greyjoy but she declined but I think it was just that she plays hard-to-get and that means she wants more. Remember, she is smart and wicked and she knows he has more than army and ships she needs.

The most touching scene of all in this first episode, is the one when Daenerys is finally home. She with her army lands in Dragon Stone. She is literally home. She made it to finally put her feet on the land she was born. I was so happy to see this scene. Her gesture depicts how she loves being in the place she has longed for.
I’d love to assume more but it will be just great to see the story flows on its own. Well, did I miss something?

And, Ed! I don’t mind to see him more.

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