It takes the pledge then the turn to get to The Prestige.

The Prestige is full of twists. It took me back and forth. It took me to the present, and after, followed by the past. Yeah, the past is great yet the truth is in the now. And again, i was all twisted while watching it, not knowing at all what was exactly going on. The truth.

It was said to be a thriller movie, but instead – to me, it is more a drama. The drama about magicians’s life, the tricks they build, the shows, the audience, the ambition, the obsession to be the best. Yes, it is just right that it’s human nature to be willing being better than anyone else. However, some people just take it too far that they no longer know the line. That, they cross it. They live their ambition. They try the hardest to get to what they want. And in the end, the ambition is what kills them.

That’s what The Prestige wants us to know. To have will is great, it guides us to where we want to be. But the ambition, it leads us to be greedy, to want everything rather than anything.

I think The Prestige covers all it needs to be called a great movie. It has that great story, great actors with great acting skills, and the plot, you are far from guessing.

The Actors

Hugh Jackman along with Christian Bale, Michael Caine and Scarlett Johansson takes part in The Prestige. Outstanding performance and strong story make a great movie indeed. Plus, it was directed by Christopher Nolan.


The Prestige is a drama-thriller movie telling about Magicians’ life. It tells the story about Angier and Borden who used to be great friends. They work with Cutter as the engineer. Until someday, there is the accident that kills Angier’s wife. Borden gets blamed for this. Thus, Angier wants to get revenge to Borden. He does anything to make Borden suffer as hell. This leads to bigger ambitions, bigger troubles both face.

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