If love is as crazy as this feeling…
Can it be back on it should be????
If love is as puzzled as this thinking….
Can’t it be broken logically????

Hidden answer in your thought..
Much more complicated than Math
It can even find it shoud be..
Then love…where it should be…????

If love needs explanation…
Then…where it should be found???
In case It’s not only about expectation..
Thus..isn’t it just bound???

Unsatisfied conclusion if I get
Then… I am abject, I object….
Feeling is just a misery…but I don’t want it be..
Isn’t it just merely..world and love….bloody..

Love then is fake..indeed
You are real..the one I need

Reality sometimes..lingers..lies…even
Then I don’t know when it appears..heaven

My feeling..then just numb
Speechless..then my mouth, so my tongue…dumb

Gorgeous..your eyes..when I see
Your hidden..your heart ..you’re front of me
Dangerous..smiling, you are..then down I kneel
Deepen..my feeling, so you feel..your glee

Your Thoughts?

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